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Opening Blessing, Honouring the Ancestors & Welcome

Cultural Grief & Healing with Kenn Pitawanakwat 

Ask a Mortician - The Good Death, From Around the World with Caitlin Doughty

The Art & Science of Dying Well - Music, Legacies & Joy with Russell Hilliard

Dinner & Death Social Events

Taboo Art Display 

Saturday evening is a night dedicated to the hauntingly beautiful music of traditional Irish Keening, Zimbabwean Mbira Ancestral songs, and  profound and poetic storytelling and readings woven intimately with musical accompaniment. This is a night not to be missed! Mingle, meet and enjoy an evening of outstanding entertainment and a celebration of all that death and life have to offer. 

Irish Keening (Traditional Grief Songs ) & Poetry with Kevin Toolis & Sean Nos from Ireland

Mbira Ancestral Music with Mutamba Rainos from Zimbabwe

A Night of Grief & Mystery - World renowned performance  by Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins

In many ways, women

are death's natural companions. Every time a woman gives birth, she is creating not only a life, but a death. Samuel Beckett wrote that women "give birth astride of a grave." Mother Nature is indeed a real mother, creating and destroying in a constant loop. 
Caitlin Doughty 

Daily Schedule 

Reconciling Life & Death with Dr. BJ Miller

Your Expiration Date ~ 'Don't Wait' for a diagnosis to transform how you live, with Jeremie Saunders

Humanity & Social Justice at the End of Life - Where Medicine Meets Compassion with Jeremie Saunders, Dr. Naheed Dosani, Dr. Suzanne Stewart, Dr. Simon Colgan

Culture, Spirituality and End of Life - The Sacred Journey with Dr. Suzanne Stewart 

Speakers, Panelists & SCHEDULE

The Home Funeral - Sustainable, Creative, Meaningful Options at the End of Life - The DIYs, How To's, Where To, and Who is leading the way..of bringing caring for our dying back into the hands of the community of  our loved ones, with Jerrigrace Lyons 

Choices at the End of Life with Nino Sekopet, Dean Walters

Meaning, Mindfulness and Grief & Bereavement: How Grief can Transform Our Lives, Give Us Meaning & Purpose with Dr. Sameet Kumar

The Sacred Art of Dying with Kenn Pitawanakwat, Mutamba Rainos, Dr. Sameet Kumar, Jerrigrace Lyons, Kunga Sherab 

Meaning, Mindfulness and Grief & Bereavement: How Grief can Transform Our Lives, Give Us Meaning & Purpose with Dr. Sameet Kumar

Facing our Mortality: Storytelling from an Irish Bard on how death can be done well and what we can learn from the Irish Wake

Come of Age - The Great Paradox of Elderhood in North America; A Love Song inviting all of us to grow up, before it’s too late with Stephen Jenkinson

Celebration Closing Ceremony 

Saturday Soiree & Concert




September 21-23 ~ Toronto, Canada