GrIef is grief. in any culture

Nishinaabe cultural grief and its manifestations are another story. our story wll tell of the spirit, spirts, and the spiritual. Kenn Pitawanakwat

the Institute of Traditional Medicine  

has earned a reputation as one of Canada's leading education pioneers for offering the most innovated programs in Human Potential & Growth and Professional Development in the fields of Integrative Health & Wellness for over a decade. ITM has hosted hundreds of local and international visionaries, scholars, traditional healers, authors and filmmakers and has developed world-renowned programs including Canada's first Contemplative End of Life Care Program. As a leader in the human potential movement, ITM has developed a membership fol lowing of over 40,000 community members.

The Contemplative End of Life Care Program

was developed as part of a larger efforts to improve end of life care in Canada and beyond. Over the years, this initiative has brought remarkable teachers and teachings to ITM (First Nations, Buddhist, Hindu, Physicians, Authors, Therapists), representing diverse perspectives and insights into care of the dying. We are committed to our role as a leader in a revolutionary development of human awareness that is transforming how we live, die and relate to others. 


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September 21-23 ~ Toronto, Canada

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